Red Robin Happy Hour: Unbeatable Deals and Delightful Treats

Red Robin Happy Hour offers drink and food specials during specific hours of the day at participating locations. With various locations in Austin, Texas, customers can enjoy discounted cocktails, beers, and appetizers.

Red Robin Happy Hour: Unbeatable Deals and Delightful Treats


Unbeatable Deals During Red Robin Happy Hour

If you’re looking for unbeatable deals during happy hour, Red Robin should definitely be on your list. With discounted appetizers and special prices on drinks, it’s no wonder that Red Robin is a popular destination for those looking to grab a bite and a drink after work or before dinner. Let’s take a closer look at some of the deals you can expect during Red Robin Happy Hour.

Discounts On Appetizers

If you’re a fan of their crispy onion rings, then you’ll be excited to hear that you can get them for half the price during happy hour. Not a fan of onion rings? No problem. Red Robin has a variety of appetizers to choose from, including mozzarella sticks, pretzel bites, and chili cheese fries. All of these options are available at a discounted price, and they’re perfect for sharing with friends.

Here are some other appetizer options you can enjoy during happy hour at Red Robin:

  • Guac, Salsa & Chips for $3.99
  • Classic Mini Wedge Salad for $3.99
  • Pork Dumplings for $4.99

Special Prices On Drinks

If you’re in the mood for a cocktail or a beer, you’ll be happy to know that Red Robin has a selection of special-priced drinks during happy hour. You can grab a domestic beer for just $2.50 or a signature cocktail for $4.00. If you’re not in the mood for alcohol, they also offer soft drinks and lemonade for $2.50.

Here are some additional drink options available:

  • Red Robin Royalty Exclusive: $1.00 off any beer
  • Red Robin Royalty Exclusive: $2.00 off any wine
  • Truly Wild Berry Hard Seltzer for $4.00
  • Virgin Piña Colada for $3.00

With these unbeatable deals on appetizers and special prices on drinks, you won’t want to miss out on Red Robin Happy Hour. Whether you’re a regular or trying it out for the first time, there’s something for everyone at this popular spot. So gather your friends and head over to Red Robin for a fun and affordable happy hour experience.

Delightful Treats On The Red Robin Happy Hour Menu

If you’re looking for a delicious yet budget-friendly happy hour option, look no further than Red Robin. This family-friendly burger restaurant not only offers great food but also an extensive happy hour menu filled with gourmet burgers, fries, gluten-free options and drink specials to satisfy all taste buds. Here are some of the highlights of their happy hour menu

Gourmet Burgers With Fries

Red Robin is famous for its mouth-watering burgers and their happy hour menu doesn’t disappoint. You can enjoy their signature burgers such as the Smoke & Pepper, Royal Red Robin Burger, and Impossible Burger at a discounted happy hour price. These burgers come with fries and trust us; once you’ve tasted their natural-cut fries seasoned with Red Robin’s signature seasoning, you’ll be hooked.

Gluten-free Options Available

If you have dietary restrictions or choose to avoid gluten, Red Robin has got you covered. Their gluten-free burger buns can replace any of their regular burger buns. They also have a wide selection of gluten-free appetizers, salads, and sides, so you can indulge in the Red Robin happy hour experience regardless of your dietary needs.

Drink Specials

No happy hour is complete without a refreshing drink, and Red Robin offers plenty of options to quench your thirst. They have a vast selection of beers on tap, margaritas and specialty cocktails such as Freckled Lemonade and Strawberry Basil Lemonade. Plus, they even have a non-alcoholic mocktail option for the designated drivers or anyone who prefers to skip the booze.

In conclusion, Red Robin’s happy hour menu offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for gourmet burgers, gluten-free options, or a refreshing drink, you won’t be disappointed. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the nearest Red Robin location and indulge in some delightful treats.

Finding Red Robin Happy Hour Near You

Looking for Red Robin Happy Hour near you? Check out their website for the latest happy hour menu and drink specials. With locations throughout the United States, including Austin, Texas, you’re sure to find a delicious gluten-free gourmet burger, fries and drink specials for a great price.

Red Robin is a popular American chain of restaurants specializing in gourmet burgers, fries, and drink specials. If you are looking for a place to enjoy drinks and snacks with your friends or family, Red Robin Happy Hour is an excellent choice. In this post, we’ll discuss where to find Red Robin Happy Hour near you.

Locations In Austin, Texas

If you’re located in Austin, Texas, and looking for a nearby Red Robin, you’re in luck. There are several Red Robin locations in Austin, offering a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for you to enjoy a delicious meal and refreshing drinks. Here are some popular locations of Red Robin in Austin, Texas:
Location Name Phone Number Address
Red Robin Parmer Lane (512) 989-8080 13000 N Interstate 35, Austin, TX 78753
Red Robin Lakeline Mall Dr (512) 219-5402 11066 Pecan Park Blvd, Cedar Park, TX 78613
Red Robin West Braker Lane (512) 821-8900 13000 N Interstate 35, Austin, TX 78753

Search Online For Red Robin Happy Hour Deals

If you’re looking for Red Robin Happy Hour deals or specifics like Red Robin Happy Hour times, prices, or menu, the internet is your best bet. You can find all the information you need on Red Robin’s Happy Hour by searching online. The official Red Robin website provides information on the latest Happy Hour menu and drink specials, while Yelp, Total Happy Hour, and Mile High on the Cheap offer ratings, reviews, and information about Red Robin Happy Hour deals. In conclusion, Red Robin is the perfect place to unwind and let loose after a long day. With multiple locations and great Happy Hour deals, you can enjoy your favorite drinks and gourmet burgers with your friends or family. So, what are you waiting for? Head out to your nearest Red Robin and make some memories!
Red Robin Happy Hour: Unbeatable Deals and Delightful Treats


Red Robin Happy Hour: Unbeatable Deals and Delightful Treats



Enjoying a fun-filled happy hour experience with your friends or colleagues after a long day of work is made easy with Red Robin’s Happy Hour menu and drink specials. From delicious gourmet burgers and fries to refreshing drink specials, Red Robin has everything to satisfy your cravings and quench your thirst.

With multiple locations across Austin, Texas, there’s no reason to miss out on Red Robin’s Happy Hour. So, head to your nearest Red Robin location and join the fun while enjoying great deals on delicious food and drinks!

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