First Watch Brunch Hours

First Watch Brunch Hours: Start Your Day Right

First Watch brunch hours may vary by location, but typically brunch is served from 7:00 AM until 2:30 PM daily. Looking for a delicious brunch spot in Austin, Texas?

Look no further than First Watch! Serving up fresh, delicious breakfast, brunch, and lunch, First Watch is a go-to spot for both locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re in the mood for savory eggs and bacon or sweet pancakes and waffles, First Watch has something for everyone.

And with their convenient hours – usually from 7:00 AM until 2:30 PM – you can enjoy brunch anytime, any day of the week. So why wait? Head to your local First Watch today and start your morning off right!

First Watch Brunch Hours: Start Your Day Right


The First Watch Brunch Experience

Experience the perfect brunch at First Watch – open from breakfast to lunch, early in the morning till late afternoon. Enjoy a variety of brunch options served daily at First Watch all over Austin, Texas.

What To Expect From First Watch Brunch

When it comes to brunch, First Watch is the perfect place to start your day. This restaurant offers delicious brunch options, whether you are in the mood for something sweet or savory. First Watch brunch is perfect for those who want to enjoy a relaxing brunch on a weekend morning with family and friends, or even for solo brunch-goers who want to enjoy their meal with a good book.

First Watch Brunch Menu Options

First Watch offers a wide range of brunch options, including classics like eggs benedict, omelets, and pancakes. For those who want to try something new, First Watch has unique menu items like avocado toast, farmhouse hash, and the signature Million Dollar Bacon. Each dish is carefully crafted with fresh and high-quality ingredients, making for a truly memorable brunch experience.

Gluten-free And Vegan Options

First Watch understands that some customers have dietary restrictions, and that’s why they offer gluten-free and vegan options on their brunch menu. From vegan banana pancakes to gluten-free avocado toast, there’s something for everyone at First Watch. Each dish is made with the same level of care and attention to detail as the rest of the menu, ensuring that all customers can enjoy a delicious brunch experience. At First Watch, you are guaranteed a memorable and enjoyable brunch experience with unique and delicious menu options, as well as accommodating gluten-free and vegan options. With a friendly atmosphere, excellent customer service, and great food, First Watch is the go-to spot for your next brunch outing.
First Watch Brunch Hours: Start Your Day Right


Brunch Hours And Locations

Looking to satisfy your hunger cravings with a delicious brunch? Check out First Watch’s brunch hours and locations in Austin, Texas for a scrumptious and hearty breakfast experience. Enjoy a range of healthy and indulgent breakfast, brunch, and lunch options made fresh to order.

First Watch Brunch Hours

Looking for a cozy and relaxing place to have brunch with your family and friends? First Watch cafes are here to provide you the best brunch experience in town. With its wholesome meals and delectable options, you’ll surely have a great start to your day. But first, let’s check the brunch hours of First Watch near you.

First Watch Brunch Locations

To find the nearest First Watch cafe in your area, you can visit their website and use their location finder or use Google Maps to search for “First Watch brunch near me”. Here are some of their locations in Austin, Texas:
Name Address Contact Number Services
A Address A (512) 452-3447 Dine-in, takeout, no-contact delivery
B Address B (512) 877-1800 Dine-in, takeout, no-contact delivery
C Address C (512) 250-3447 Dine-in, takeout, no-contact delivery

Finding The Closest First Watch Cafe

To find the nearest First Watch cafe, you can check their location finder on their website. You can also search for “First Watch brunch near me” on Google Maps, and it will show you the closest cafes around you. Remember, different locations may have different brunch hours, so before heading to your nearest First Watch cafe, make sure to check their brunch hours on their website or Google Maps. Start your day right by having a scrumptious brunch at First Watch!
First Watch Brunch Hours: Start Your Day Right



Whether you want brunch on a lazy weekend morning or crave breakfast fare in the middle of the day, First Watch’s brunch hours have got you covered. With a menu filled with healthy and indulgent options that are fresh and made-to-order, First Watch is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Don’t forget to try their signature Million Dollar Bacon or The Traditional, and explore their menu for more delightful options. Drop in any of their locations at Austin, Texas, and enjoy a brunch experience like no other.

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