Unwind and Enjoy: East Village Happy Hour

Looking for the best East Village Happy Hour spots in Austin, Texas? Check out Hurley’s Tavern for an Irish pub vibe and daytime happy hour with discounted drinks and delicious pub food.

Other popular options include Drop Off Service and Bua Restaurant. Whether you’re in the mood for great cocktails or budget-friendly specials, East Village has something for everyone.

Unwind and Enjoy: East Village Happy Hour

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Overview Of East Village Happy Hour

Unwind after a long day at work and enjoy discounted drinks and delicious pub food during East Village Happy Hour. From Irish pub vibes at Easy Tiger Gastropub to incredible cocktails at Ten Degrees Bar, there’s something for everyone in Austin, Texas.

Description Of East Village Happy Hour

East Village is a buzzing neighborhood in Austin, Texas, famous for its vibrant nightlife. One of the top attractions for locals and tourists alike is the East Village Happy Hour. During this time, bars and restaurants offer discounted drinks and food to their customers. It’s a great opportunity for friends to gather for happy-hour drinks after work or on weekends and also enjoy some quality time in good company.

Importance Of Happy Hour For Social Life

Happy Hour has maintained a traditional place in American culture as an affordable way to unwind with a drink or two with colleagues, friends or even strangers. Happy Hour does not just provide a time to relax after a busy workday, it does a lot to uplift our social lives. Given the hectic nature of modern society, happy hour is the perfect kind of opportunity to help make new friends, network with coworkers and spend time discussing interesting things with people who can be like-minded.

Benefits Of Having Happy Hour In East Village

East Village Happy Hour offers a unique experience for every visitor to the neighborhood. It has fantastic spots where you can enjoy discounted drinks and tantalizing food. The Happy Hour offerings are far from boring and generic. They reflect the unique character and style of the East Village bar scene. With so many options to choose from and great vibes, East Village Happy Hour is the perfect opportunity to discover something new and make lasting friendships. East Village Happy Hour is a must for anyone who wants to have a good time in Austin.
Unwind and Enjoy: East Village Happy Hour

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Top Bars And Restaurants For Happy Hour In East Village

Discover the best happy hour bars and restaurants in East Village. From the Irish pub Easy Tiger Gastropub to the sophisticated Copper Still, there’s a range of options for everyone to unwind and enjoy delicious food and discounted drinks.

If you are in Austin, Texas, and looking for a good place to unwind after a long day at work or exploring the city, then you should check out East Village Happy Hour. The neighborhood is known for its collection of trendy bars and restaurants, which offer great drink specials and delicious food. In this article, we have rounded up the top bars and restaurants for Happy Hour in East Village.

Easy Tiger Gastropub

If you prefer an Irish pub vibe, then Easy Tiger Gastropub is the perfect place to go. With a daytime happy hour, you can enjoy discounted drinks and delicious pub food. The bar also has a huge selection of beers and cocktails to choose from. The lively atmosphere and friendly staff make this a great spot to unwind with friends.

Drop Off Service

Drop Off Service is a popular spot in East Village for Happy Hour lovers. The bar offers an extensive selection of beer and cocktails at affordable prices during Happy Hour. Drop Off Service is also known for its cozy interior and relaxed vibe, which makes it an ideal spot to hang out with friends.

Havana Central

Havana Central is another popular Happy Hour spot in East Village, known for its great drink specials, solid food options, and lively atmosphere. The bar offers a range of classic and innovative cocktails, as well as delicious food, which makes it a great spot for both drinks and dinner. Don’t miss the Latin-inspired decor and music that transport you straight to Havana. Overall, East Village in Austin is known for its variety of bars and restaurants that offer great Happy Hour specials. Whether you prefer a relaxed vibe or a lively atmosphere, there is something for everyone. So, next time you’re looking for a place to unwind after a busy day, be sure to check out Easy Tiger Gastropub, Drop Off Service, and Havana Central.

The Best Cocktail Bars In East Village

Discover the best happy hour spots in East Village with delicious cocktails and fair prices. From Irish pubs like Easy Tiger Gastropub to upscale bars like The Copper Still and Ten Degrees Bar, unwind and enjoy after work in style.

If you’re a cocktail enthusiast, East Village is the right place for you. The neighborhood is packed with some of the best cocktail bars in NYC that offer a diverse range of drinks, from classic cocktails to innovative takes on modern ones. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at five of the most popular spots to enjoy a happy hour drink.

Mister Paradise

Mister Paradise is a laid-back bar with an aesthetically pleasing interior comprising green velvet booths, palm trees, and neon signs. Their cocktail menu is as fun as the décor, with drinks served in quirky glasses and given eccentric names – like “Wrong Island Iced Tea,” “Naked and Famous,” and “Tinderoni.” Besides creative drinks, the bar also offers food specials during happy hour. On weekdays from 5 pm to 7 pm, Mister Paradise has a happy hour deal featuring their house spirits, wines by the glass, and draft beers.

Dante West Village

Dante West Village is a much talked-about cocktail bar frequently featured in renowned magazines and blogs. Their signature Negroni has a reputation of being one of the best in the city. The interior is inspired by a traditional Italian aperitivo bar, featuring white-and-green checkered floors and marble tables. Dante offers a daily aperitivo hour from 4 pm to 6 pm and a late-night happy hour on weekdays from 10 pm to midnight. The aperitivo hour menu includes spritzes, negroni, wine and beer, and small plates of antipasti. During the late-night happy hour, you can get draft beers, select wines, and a rotating cocktail of the day.


A popular spot among locals, Attaboy is a speakeasy-style bar with no menu. Instead, the bartenders create custom cocktails based on your preferred flavors and spirits. In addition to their unique drinks, Attaboy is known for its cozy atmosphere, candlelit tables, and intimate seating arrangements. The happy hour lasts from 6 pm to 8 pm every day and features a rotating selection of cocktails at a discounted price.

Please Don’t Tell

Please Don’t Tell (PDT) is a trendy cocktail bar hidden behind a phone booth inside a hot dog joint. The secret entrance and dimly lit interiors provide a unique speakeasy experience. However, getting a seat at PDT can be a bit challenging – we recommend making a reservation in advance. During happy hour, which runs from Sunday to Thursday between 6 pm to 8 pm, PDT offers discounted signature cocktails and $1 hot dogs.

Bemelmans Bar

Bemelmans Bar is a timeless classic cocktail bar located inside The Carlyle Hotel. The bar is named after Ludwig Bemelmans, the creator of the children’s book series “Madeline.” The interiors are decorated with abstract murals, leather banquettes, and live music performances. Bemelmans offers a daily happy hour special featuring $10 cocktails, $8 beers, and $15 wines from 5 pm to 7 pm. Whether you’re exploring the East Village or are a local resident, these cocktail bars are must-visit spots for happy hour. Over the years, these bars have established themselves as icons in the New York City cocktail scene. From unique drinks to cozy interiors, each bar caters to a different taste and vibe. So, head out to East Village and enjoy a relaxing evening of drinks and food at these popular cocktail bars.
Unwind and Enjoy: East Village Happy Hour

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Explore East Village’s eclectic energy and varied happy hour offerings. From Irish pub vibes at Easy Tiger Gastropub to solid food options and irresistible vibes at Havana Central, East Village is your go-to destination for happy hour. Don’t miss out on the great discounted drinks and delicious pub food at Bua Restaurant, or the incredible happy hour experience at The Copper Still East Village Restaurant.

Check out the hottest cocktail bars, like Death & Co East Village and Attaboy, to find unique craft cocktails for your next night out. Unwind and enjoy East Village’s vibrant nightlife scene with the best happy hour spots in town!

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