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  • Meghna Jaradi

When Fearless Flavors Meet!

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Peddler’s Night Rider Sour Dark Saison packs an unexpected punch.

What happens when your brewer decides to make the most ridiculous beer that he can come up with? You ask for a sample, of course.

With the Seattle beer scene heavily diluted with hoppy IPAs and hoppier double IPA’s, Peddler’s Head Brewer Dave Keller was inspired to pivot for the winter and create something rich, weird, and inviting. “We decided to employ aspects from a lot of different beer-making processes and combine them into one, making the most outlandish beer that we could come up with”.

The Night Rider Sour Dark Saison is dark, oaky, and unlike any sour beer you’ve probably ever tasted - or seen. Served in an 8 oz. snifter and pouring jet black with an off white head, it hits the nose with notes of sour cherry and dark chocolate. Take a sip, and you’ll pick up hints of cranberry, roast malt & bourbon.

Typically, a good beer recipe can be quite simple, but this recipe throws all of that out the window. It came together with Dave’s combined use of 4 bold flavor components: dark malts, a 3-day kettle souring process with yogurt culture, fermentation with spicy Saison yeast & oak aging with toasted whiskey barrel staves.

The oak aging technique was a hands-on process unique to this brew: Dave bought an old Jack Daniels whiskey barrel, cut off the staves (the strip of wood that makes up the sides of the barrel), chopped them up and set them on fire! Slits were cut in the wood staves to increase the surface area of wood that would be touching beer in the fermentor.

Working with such strong flavor elements, the only way to achieve balance was to use more strong flavors- we’ve brewed this beer to delight & challenge your palate, and hope that you’ll enjoy it. Stop by the taproom and ask your beertender for a sample today.


Beer Making Process, Step By Step:

Start to finish, the Night Rider Sour Dark Saison takes 3 months to make!

  1. Dark roasted malts & water are “cooked” in the Mash Tun, strained, and transferred to a kettle.

  2. The beer is Kettle soured for 3 days, staying at a steady temperature of 110 degrees farenheit after the addition of a bacteria culture derived from greek yogurt.

  3. Beer is boiled/pasteurized, followed by the addition of hops. Night Rider was lightly hopped with bittering hops.

  4. Beer is moved to the fermenter, where the barrel pieces & the saison yeast are added. It ferments for a couple weeks.

  5. Beer is conditioned & aged. It sits at a steady temperature. (It’s continuing to age right now, with pieces of barrel inside!)

  6. Beer is kegged for consumption!


By: Meghna Jaradi, Marketing & Events Manager

Peddler Brewing Company is a Ballard-based family brewery in Seattle, WA. We specialize in a diverse roster of bike-themed beers in an unfussy family -friendly & dog-friendly taproom. |

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